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Established in 2012, Choral Culture Association is the first and only Turkish institution officially authorized to represent in the European Choir Federation.

Choral activity is an action based on the performance of the music that emerges when each unique sound melts into a whole. Established with the belief that this unifying effect of choir activity can be transformed into a social benefit, the Choral Culture Association aims to develop, disseminate and make this culture permanent and sustainable.

To achieve this goal; 

- To enable choir and vocal ensembles, choir leaders, choir directors and composers to come together,

- Creating spaces for them to express and develop themselves, 

- To encourage collective work and sharing among them,

- It works to build bridges between the national and international choral world.

ChoirCulture Association is an initiative in the field of choral music in Turkey. We operate in three main areas:

International projects and representation

Choir network in Istanbul and Turkey

Events for choir conductors, composers, directors and singers

Since 2017, he has also been the representative of the Musica International Federation.


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