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WSCM 2023

The World Choral Music Symposium, the biggest event of the International Choral Music Federation, will take place in Istanbul between 25-30 April 2023, hosted by the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism. At the 2023 World Choral Music Symposium with its program that attracts attention from all continents of the world, thus reaching a diversity to include many different styles and traditions of choral music, gala concerts of world-famous choirs, concerts by many choirs from our country and abroad in different venues of Beyoğlu, from around the world and abroad. Presentations and workshops of valuable speakers from Turkey are waiting!

The content of the symposium, which has been held in many countries such as Spain, South Korea, Argentina, Denmark, Japan and America since 1987 and will be hosted by Turkey in 2023, will consist of a wide range of activities such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions and performances. Bringing together the best choirs and choir leaders, the symposium promotes artistic excellence, collaboration and sharing. With its originality and dynamism, Istanbul embraces the entire choral world in events that will take place in many different points of the city, especially in the Atatürk Cultural Center.

Adopting "Changing Horizons" as its 2023 theme, the symposium invites expert speakers to apply for presentations based on the exploration of different singing styles and traditions. Choirs and vocal ensembles are encouraged to present repertoire and performance practices that showcase different social, ethnic, geographical or cultural backgrounds in their local area to create creative programs based on diversity.

Detailed information on application and participation conditionsWSCM ISTANBUL2023At  .


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