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Turkish Youth Choir

"Turkish Youth Choir" is being established in cooperation with the Choral Culture Association and the Choral Educators Association in order to expand the development of our country in the field of choral music in recent years and make it more qualified and sustainable.

The main goal of the choir, which will be composed of young people from different cities of Türkiye who are talented, willing, equipped and suitable for teamwork, is to become a national youth choir that can successfully represent our country in the world.

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Choirs Marathon 2022

The "Chorus Marathon", which we have been organizing since 2013 as the Choral Culture Association, was held in 2022 with great enthusiasm in the CSO Historical Hall, in cooperation with the State Polyphonic Choir, as part of the "Capital Cultural Road" events. In the Choirs Marathon held between 10-11-12 June, we met with our participants with workshops and panels, as well as concerts given by choirs from all over Turkey for 3 days. We look forward to meeting you again in the next organization of the Choirs Marathon, which we spent with an intense and satisfying program.

Choir Zoom Evenings (KOZA)

The meetings we started in 2020 to share the return of choirs to rehearsal/concert practices within the 'new normal' criteria during the normalization process, what the healthiest practices are in this process, new solutions specific to choral music and the practices of professional/amateur choirs in the world are a communication for the choral culture in our country. as a platform.

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European Choir Federation General Assembly & Sing Outside the Box Conference

The conference and general assembly of the European Choir Federation, which has a history of more than 50 years, was held in Turkey for the first time!
The conference was held on 15 - 18 November 2018 in Cappadocia. Leading names of the European choral world, delegations of country federations and choral music experts were together in Turkey for 4 days. You can find the details of the event in our association bulletin.

Sing Me In

The Sing Me In Project brings together 11 music associations investing in youth in 10 countries, including Turkey and Lebanon. Institutions will join forces through their wider community to develop good practice on the use of collective singing in the integration process of young immigrants in their professional and geographic regions.​
Existing experiences will be evaluated to establish best practices in the project and innovative pedagogical content will be developed collectively based on the basis drawn from them. Examples of the difficulties encountered in projects aiming at the integration of young immigrants will also be collected, and pitfalls to be avoided with "hints and tips" will be revealed.

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World Youth Choir / Auditions

The World Youth Choir (WYC), aka the World Youth Choir, stands out as an artistically significant educational and social experience targeting talented young musicians aged 17-26 from all over the world. With the support of the federations that support the choir, summer and winter sessions are held in different countries every year, and tours are organized with the talented members of the World Youth Choir under the direction of famous conductors.

Artistically, the World Youth Choir offers a unique experience for young singers to develop their musical talents by performing a challenging repertoire and interacting with conductors around the world. Socially, it contributes to raising new generations of 'Citizens of the World' by enabling young musicians from different cultures to live together and tour, creating a unique school of understanding between different cultures, people, music and traditions.  


The auditions of the World Youth Choir, organized under the auspices of Jeunesses Musicales International, European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and the International Federation of Choral Music, are held annually by the Choral Culture Association. The first member from Turkey in the World Youth Choir took part in the 2016 project.

Eurochoir / Auditions

Let's celebrate Europe with music! – EuroChoir is a unique choir event organized by the European Choir Federation in a different country each year. EuroChoir, initiated by AGEC in 1982, gives 60 young singers the opportunity to come together for 8 days and work under the direction of two famous chefs. The choir presents its repertoire in the host country with a tour of several concerts.

This special choral project aims to introduce European choral music to young singers and promote cultural exchange within Europe.

Choir Culture Association conducts the Turkish national selections for the choir. Turkey was represented by Eurochoir for the first time with 1 chorist in 2015, 3 chorists in 2016, 4 chorists in 2017 and 1 chorist in 2018.


Koronun Türkiye ulusal seçmelerini Koro Kültürü Derneği yürütüyor. Türkiye, Eurochoir bünyesinde ilk kez 2015’te 1 korist, 2016’da 3 korist, 2017'de 4 korist ve 2018'de ise 1 korist ile temsil edildi.

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Choral Culture Seminar Series

The Choral Conducting Certification Program, organized for a period in cooperation with the Choral Culture Association and Bahçeşehir University, hosted a seminar series open to everyone, in addition to conducting lessons. The seminar series, which focused on choral music-related issues, hosted valuable speakers.
Seminars held once a month were held at Bahçeşehir University Galata Campus. 

Choir Conducting Trainings

Training for young choir conductors has been an important agenda item since the foundation of the association. Among the names we have hosted for educational events so far, Prof. Volker Hempfling / Sabine Horstmann (2012), Elisenda Carrasco / Hans-Dieter Reinecke / Anne Christine Weidmann (2012) and Dr. Brady Allred (2013) can be counted.

In 2014, a Choral Conducting Certificate Program was launched for young conductors in cooperation with the Choral Culture Association & Bahçeşehir University. The Choral School continued successfully for three seasons  and offered certificates to many young conductors and conductor candidates.

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Choirs Marathon

World Choral Day has been celebrated every year on the second Sunday of December since 1990, with a joint decision taken by the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music), ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) and UNESCO. 

​The Choirs Marathon, which has been organized annually since 2013 by our association to celebrate the World Choir Day; concerts, talks, panels etc. offers a pleasant meeting opportunity for choral music performers and listeners with various events.

Within the framework of the Choirs Marathon, tens of choirs and hundreds of choral music listeners have come together so far. Marathon; offers a great opportunity to get to know new choirs, discover choral works you haven't heard before, and add another beautiful moment to your choir experience! 

Korolar Maratonu çerçevesinde şimdiye dek onlarca koro ve yüzlerce koro müziği dinleyicisi bir araya geldi. Maraton; yeni korolar tanımak, daha önce duymadığınız koro eserlerini keşfetmek ve koro deneyiminize güzel bir anı daha eklemek adına harika bir fırsat sunuyor! 

Mediterranean Choir Forum

Mediterranean Choral Form (MCF) is held in a different city every year as a conference attended by choir experts from countries with a coast on the Mediterranean. The 2016 edition of the forum was held in Istanbul. This event, designed for choir conductors, composers, choir singers and managers, includes papers and sessions focusing on new methods, areas of expertise and communication networks.  Research focused on choral music around the Mediterranean is carried out within the Forum.

In 2017, the Mediterranean Choir Forum was hosted by Fayha Choir, one of the most enterprising choirs in the Middle East, at the Safadi Cultural Center in Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city. The event took place in parallel with the second Lebanese International Choral Festival, which included many workshops, meetings and talks. The forum, which will be held in Spain as part of the RelaxSing Mallorca Festival this year, aims to develop joint projects and share new works by experts in the field of choir. 

AKdeniz Koro Forumu.webp

2017 yılında Akdeniz Koro Forumu, Orta Doğu’nun en girişimci korolarından Fayha Choir’ın ev sahipliğinde, Lübnan’ın ikinci büyük kenti Tripoli Safadi Kültür Merkezi'nde düzenlendi. Etkinlik, birçok çalıştay, toplantı ve konuşmayı içeren ikinci Lübnan Uluslararası Koro Festivali ile paralel olarak gerçekleşti. Bu sene RelaxSing Mallorca Festivali dahilinde İspanya'da gerçekleşecek olan forumda koro alanında uzmanlaşanlar tarafından ortak projelerin geliştirilmesi ve yeni çalışmaların paylaşılması hedefleniyor. 

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