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The SWAN Project
The SWAN project (Singing with Additional Needs) draws on best practices from different European countries to include people with additional needs in collective singing. These additional needs may arise due to disabilities and/or physical or psychological health issues. 

The project aims to collect, scale and promote best practices, provide transnational opportunities for collective singing professionals and make knowledge on this topic internationally accessible. It will comprise different networking and knowledge-sharing activities and develop a range of resources, including digital tools and a best practices database. 

For detailed information, you can visit the main website of the project here.

Our Purpose
Within the scope of the project, the Choral Culture Association aims to provide workshops and study groups on psychological health for music educators living in earthquake-affected areas, enabling these individuals to benefit from education and ensuring that students receiving education in earthquake-affected areas receive psychological support through music lessons. At the end of the project, the aim is to better understand the psychological needs of music educators and students in earthquake-affected areas, prepare intervention studies that could be effective in this regard, and present them as a report for the benefit of everyone.

The SWAN project is coordinated by Norsk Sangerforum (NO), with partners the European Choral Association (DE), Kanker in Beeld (NL) and Sing Ireland (IE). Sing Ireland will also cooperate with the Choral Culture Association (TR). Find out more at SWAN is co-funded by the European Union.

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You can fill out the form below to follow the project and make workshop content suggestions.

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